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​Photo Mosaic Wall

  • Unique way for fans, customers, or employees to interact with your brand and also with each other.
  • Guests participate and create a billboard-sized work of art – live and in real-time.
  • The mosaic gradually reveals the overall image, 
  • Guests and onlookers are encouraged to take part in the creation process.
  • From up-close, you see individual photos – further back, the mosaic is revealed.
  • Reach new audiences and turn your activation into opportunity one photo at a time.

How It Works:


The Photo Mosaic Wall creates digital & physical mosaics from live event photos in real-time. The photos are automatically fetched from Instagram, Twitter, on-site photo booths, an on-site photographer’s camera, and more.

The photo mosaic wall makes everyone at the event feel like once you look at the big picture, we’re all in it together. From up-close, you see individual photos – further back, the mosaic is revealed.

In a ‘physical setup’: The Photo Mosaic Wall automatically prints photos as stickers. Guests can engage in the interactive experience by placing their photo stickers on the mosaic board.

In a ‘digital setup’: The mosaic generation process is either projected (using a projector) or displayed on a large-screen TV. The photos transition into their place on the mosaic in real-time with a 3D effect.

The end result: A beautiful mosaic of photos from the event.

Analysis of each new photo is comprehensive and instant. In just a hundredth of a second, it applies in-depth facial recognition, color profiling, smart cropping, time-related calculations, and custom user preferences to determine the ideal location of the photo on the mosaic with minimum or no destructive manipulations.

Image Sources:

The Photo Mosaic Wall is capable of fetching live event photos from a variety of sources that can be used simultaneously.

Our team of roving photographers capture the moments Live as they happen.

Selfie Mirrors or Pods:
Take a photo using one of our Magic Selfie Mirrors or Selfie Pods we print a copy for the guest which also instantly is added to the Mosaic.

Images can be used from previous events

Pick a fun hashtag for the event and advertise it around the venue. Guests can then take a selfie, tag it, ‘tweet’ it and have it automatically fetched by the Photo Mosaic Wall.

You can use your company’s Instagram account to take photos of the activity, tag these photos with a unique hashtag and have them fetched automatically by the Photo Mosaic Wall.

When guests see the results, they love the photos and will remember all the fun they had at your event! Also, when they share their photo with others, your event can become a trending topic on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.​​

Mosaic Sizes

The size of the photo mosaic is determined by how much time we have to amass enough images to create the mosaic. From small to gigantic the options are yours.

You can have a mosaic that is 50″ x 50″ made up of  625 images that are 2″ square (25 x 25) or go big with an image that is 9′ long by 6′ high that contain 1,944 2″ square images.

The BMW mosaic at the top of this page is an example of a mosaic made up of 1944  images. The images are a combination of live event photos and images from a social media hashtag. The printed size of this image would be 9 feet wide X 6 feet tall.  This would be an example of a multi-day event photo mosaic.

More Information

To find out more about hiring our photo mosaic wall call us on 03302233851 and ask to speak to our technical sales team members. Alternatively you can email us using the details on our Contact Us page.

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