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Bar and Serving Staff Hire

Chilled have a range of quality trained catering staff to ensure your event flows smoothly and your guests are served professionally. In addition to making a great impression on your guests, it also allows you to enjoy the occasion without the stresses involved in running the event yourselves.

Mixologist/Cocktail Bartender:

Hiring a mixologist is a great way to impress your guests and ensure they are served with an array of stylish cocktails!

Here are the advantages of hiring a professional mixologist :

  • Free advice prior to event regarding options and ingredients
  • All necessary equipment included in price.
  • Your cocktails will be perfectly balanced
  • They will entertain your guests while mixing and shaking

We can also provide the following specialist bartender/mixologists:

Flair Bartender –  Highly trained staff who use showmanship and trickery used by a bartender in order to entertain guests while mixing a drink.  Flair can include juggling, flipping (bottles, shakers), manipulating flaming liquors or even performing close-up magic tricks.

Molecular Mixology – Uses scientific techniques of molecular gastronomy and applies them to the making of new and innovative cocktails.

General Waiting Staff:

We can provide experienced waiting staff to serve drinks, canapés and provide basic bartendering.

In addition they will be happy to help you setup the venue, greet your guests, collect their coats and bags before serving them with drinks and food.

Their main focus is to ensure your guests are cared for and smooth running of the event.

Other Staffing Options:

Bar Staff
Bar Supervisors
Bar Managers
Floor Managers
Team Leaders
Cloakroom Attendants


Contact us to discuss the options with one of our event planners who will be happy to assist you further.

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